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Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages Pricing

Here at Celebration, we can promise you that your wedding day is our utmost priority.


1-152 guests are welcome to attend your wedding.



Pavilion - 64 Guests

Pavilion + Tent - 152 Guests


May 1st - October 31st

FOOD (Indigenous in-house catering)

$60 per person

Catering cost includes Corn Soup, Fry Bread, Indian Tacos, and Fresh Berry Fruit Drink.

BEVERAGES (alcohol)

$30 per person

Beverage cost includes seven hours of Open Bar. Guests 19+


Overnight parking included with wedding packages.

Upon booking, we do require a non-refundable deposit of 50%, with remaining balance paid in full 6 months prior to event date.

Classic Wedding Package


Sunday to Friday

up to 64 guests



up to 152 guests




  • Full venue rental for 10 hours on wedding day.

  • Tent that accommodates over 100 guests.

  • Bartenders and Servers.

  • Hydro (electricity).

Essentials Wedding Package


up to 64 guests


up to 152 guests



  • Seating for ceremony.

  • Tables and Chairs for reception.

  • White Linens for tables.

  • Decor fresh off the land.

  • Full Dinnerware.

  • Set up and take down.

  • Also includes everything mentioned above in the Classic Wedding Package.

up to 152 guests


Exquisite All Inclusive Weekend Wedding Package


up to 64 guests



  • Full venue rental from Friday at 12 noon to Sunday 12 noon.

  • Rehearsal access on Friday.

  • Venue access for set-up can be done between 12 noon - 6pm on Friday.

  • Use of land for engagement photos.

  • Disk Jockey (Our Resident DJ) on wedding day.

  • Drone Photography for group photo.

  • On-site washrooms.

  • Overnight rough camping and RV parking.

  • Also includes everything mentioned above in both the Classic and Essential Wedding Packages.


Indigenous Themed Ceremony


Asset 62@300x-8.png
Asset 72@300x-8.png
Asset 59@300x-8.png
Asset 63@300x-8.png

In October of 2020, the government of Ontario amended the Marriage Act to enable Indigenous officiants to perform marriage ceremonies according the their customs and traditions.


Celebration is an industry first to offer such an experience for your family.


Chi miigwech (many thanks) for including some traditional Indigenous culture and beliefs on your wedding day.

Our on-site elder will perform a smudge ceremony. Smudging with sage is an important

ceremony performed to cleanse the couple and family, the smoke will clear the negative (bad) energy and carry the positive prayers to the Creator.


Traditional singers and dancers will be performing throughout your event, including a heart-stopping fancy feather and hoop dance dual-performance that will leave your friends and family talking about your wedding day for years to come.

At an additional cost, guests' can experience fresh corn soup, fry bread, chili, Indian Tacos and our special traditional fresh berry drink offered through our Indigenous catering option.


Blanket Ceremony: Celebration will contact a local Indigenous crafter to hand-create a star blanket to wrap around the couple, a symbol of their new life journey together. Most couples will display the blanket at the foot of their bed as a constant reminder of their commitment to one another.

Fireworks Add-On


Conclude your evening with a night time spectacular firework show.

wedding lanterns.jpg

Adventures Add-On


Event Yard Lighting. Yard Games. Sparkler Exit

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